It’s been awhile

Hey everyone is been awhile I know. I really wish I works have justy stayed the course and wrote everyday, but I’m still in a car on my accident and week I want sure I’d wiring would hurt or add to my case, ands well as bad as I am I can’t risk somone taking something I say out of context. So right to the point. The last month has sucked. I have now become bed ridden more and more. I started doing my crafts I was telling you about and well if you know me you’d know I just go all out on anything I do. Well long story short I crashed my body. I sad thing is its not like I ran sons the block or really over did it at the gym. I mean I still can’t even get to the gym due to pain levels. It’s simple things like getting up and sitting for an hour next to my kids helping them wth school, doing dishes, sweeping, and painting a frame. By just find anything that is not high impact at all for anytime more then 2hrs puts so much strain on my body. My neck and head ligaments and nerves keep getting re ripped amd am left not being able to walk, it cause sick wow spread pain that literally I can’t walk. Now enough with my sob story. I got a order yesturday amd well it was from my… but I’ll take it. Lol. I haf been laying down taking as easy as one could for like a week straight, I popped up all happy and was like yay, I get to go get this stuff together and ready for shipping. Within grabbing my second item i relized real quick that I needed to be down, my pain was so bad it was making to a paint off vomiting. Have you ever been in so much pain you have to vomit. With me is extremely impenetrable that I dint vomit.
1) It makes my pain worse
2) I can’t take new medicine until next dose
Both not good when your in that much pain.
Anyhow, I have to go my medicine at target today. If it wasn’t for my daughter I wouldn’t even be able to do that. So here’s my next adventure. There is another craft fair on December 5th and 14th. Do I want to attempt this? If i haf been writing this whole time, you’d know how the last one went. Not good. Not only did I not get any sleep that night, but I was sick, not sure if I ate somthing bad but it was not good, my family so helped me. They briught ask my stuff in for me. It was just super sweet to see how they all supported me. You may ask why? Why do something like this in my condition? Well sanity is probably the best answer. Being sick in this body and home gets to a person. Well Ive decided instead of doing a bunch of didn’t items, we’d only do my book folded hearts, starwars, dino foot, and maybe a couple loves. Then Estrella was going to do these cute neckalaces that she’d add book quotes that magnifies the certain words. I’ll do a tutorial on lilshabbychic for you on that. Anyhow the craft show got rained out so no one showed and I got so bag I had to go sleep in the van for like an hour. My husband kept telling me to go home and he’d stay. But i just couldn’t do it to him or myself. Now do I want to do this again… uuuggh. I just don’t know.but
1 it’ll be me and Estrella
2 is simple projects and i need something to do to keep my mind off my pain anyway. I fold books while in bed.
3 i can get rid of the books i already have folded. .lol..
4 there cute
5 i think people will but them for Christmas presents..
So what of i can’t make it to the end? I’m wondering if I can say in disabled on my application so if i have to pack up early they will all invite me back in the future? Not sure but it’s only like $40 and if i sell only 1 book it’ll pay for it. So ya that’s 1 thing on my prayer list right now.


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