Journaling with Chronic Pain

Have you ever found yourself looking at your life each moment and say, “my life sucks right now”. I have and unfortunately it happens more then Id like to admit. I then start to reflect and say, “no H (I will refer to myself as from here on.) you are just having a bad day, remember that you was able to go out to eat with the family the other day, and get a frame painted last week, what about you playing with dinosaurs with J yesterday.” Sure it was only on the bed but hey, I’m still living and God is still blessing me with little moments in my life. Due to my head injury I forget all my memories quite quickly and it takes me a long while to think of them, eve when I’m reminded of them I still cannot recall that much.

So, I decided to start journaling. I went onto and found the perfect journal. I am looking forward to writing down what I recollect each day and have a daily reminder of what I did or did not do, then when I’m having one of those “my life sucks” moments I can go back and see and fight the enemy with the good things, however small, and say, my life may be hard, my pain may limit me from many things I use to love. But God has a plan for me and its all the things in this little journal that He is using to build me up for the plan He has for me in my life.

I will let you know how this goes. I pray I use it everyday. I hope this brings me a better outlook on my pain levels. I can see what I’ve done before and see if it has anything to do with body pain crashes, who knows maybe I can help myself see things I’m doing in my life that is hindering healing, or at least causing to inflame.

Anyway, I’ll give you an update as time goes on.

If any of you journal what has been your experience?


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